Fresh Start🌿👣💪🏽❤️✨

Hello blogging world, 
My name is Lauren Alexandria Scott but you can call me “Lolo”-one of my many nicknames since running cross country. I’m a newly aged 24 year old millennial from GA living in Birmingham,AL for now. I recently graduated from UAB & after debating on whether to submit various writings, tips, & thoughts if you will..I’ve decided to release them by blogging finally!

My suggestions,writings are not the perfect solution for everyone or “truth” for everyone but it’s what I believe has worked for me and I feel like I can be of use to others trying to better themselves! 🙂

I’ve been running competitively for 8 years and counting and highly value balance between the mind, body and spirit. I ran cross country and track throughout HS and D1 in college all four years. I’m currently an “ambassador” for Skechers Performance & training every single day to improve myself to the elite level in distance running. But I’m not just a runner. I have a wide range of interests and knowledge about health, fitness, literature, faith, nutrition and much more. 

My blogs are a work in progress & I’ve sort of had these kept to myself until being encouraged lately to display them & I want to encourage others to operate at their highest frequency and spread love and joy in whatever they do. Even if they’re weird like me. I’ll add these little by little.

So take my blogs or leave em, I hope they contribute to you in some way:)
For my readers, I’ll be focusing primarily on: 

-Physical/strength training tips 
-Running(basics for beginners to elite tips)


-Nutrition for healthy lifestyle & nutrition for athletes!!

-Hydration and sleep 

-Train your brain!! (Reading/questioning things)


-Supplements and vitamins 

-Essential oils 

-Race day eating!!

-Faith and spiritual endurance, life quandaries 

-Fashion of course 

-OH, and poetry(if you’re lucky..I see my poetry as a window to my soul so it’s vulnerable)


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