Celebrating God’s many blessings through

Thanksgiving and praise every day throughout November.


Day one- Grace

Day two- Friendship

Day three- protection

Day four- dreams and vision

Day five- relentless pursuit

Day six- encouragement

Day seven- faith

Day eight-Hope

Day nine- resilience

Day ten-

thank you for my intellectual blessings but that it doesn’t hinder my want to worship you and love you and just be in your presence.(I don’t always want to obsess over what is and understand everything at one time, only God can do that; but that I want to just be still and come into your presence)

Day eleven- New beginnings 🌚✨ dreams

Day twelve- boldness of the Holy Spirit in me

Day thirteen- Rest

Day fourteen- God’s perfect timing

Day fifteen- Constant assurance of your love and presence with me

Day sixteen- healing

Day seventeen- knowing me

Day eighteen- clear vision

Day nineteen- firm faith

Day twenty- strength

Day twenty-one- joyfulness and community

Day twenty two- Friendship

Day twenty three- my identity in Christ 

Day twenty four- passion

Day twenty five- full moon and your light✨

Day twenty six- Family and a knowing Thankful heart

Day twenty seven- my Daddy 

Day twenty eight- Love


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