First Quarter✨🍂10.7👑👀🌓

First Quarter (Poem relating to my 25th birthday October 7th & coinciding w/ tonight’s moon phase the first quarter🌓✨🍂)


New light shown above, tilted.

A call to act. No more waiting, done waning.

Half asleep, half awake, a plunge to take.
Reborne to new light, fleeting memories leave only callous bruises now.

days lingered after new moon, I’m not the same at all.
Hard to recall what’s behind, 

memory wiped clean, force myself to breathe.

Once i’de rather feel dead than trusting any last thread..
Rising now, healed and transformed.

Not afraid for what’s ahead, curious.

Beckoning..not dreading this transfiguration. 

Once stuck between what’s real and what’s wanted.
Longing for nothing more, 

split between dark holes hidden in my soul and any light left to control.
First quarter birth revived me whole,

Onward, a new path to fold.
Feelings to dissipate, once tangled and left to fate.

The chilled air grasps me inside, glaring up I wait.

Dawn awaits..