2016-“Bye Felicia” Year.

I think it’s safe to say on everyone’s behalf…what an absolutely braggadocious, dreadful year it has been for many, many reasons. Literally every time we thought it couldn’t get much worse, guess what? It did tenfold.

Across the board, most of my friends, family, and anyone I’ve personally talked to are glad to have made it to see the light of the hopefully approaching year 2017. Seriously, the glimmer of 2017 can’t come soon enough. We need it like yesterday.

This year has been the most incredulous struggle for us all. Starting from the joke of a political race we had that painfully dragged on this year and ultimately got us NO WHERE headed into 2017, to the constant worry of freaking WWIII starting around the globe between crisis rising in Syria, ISIS threats, China being sketchy AF and Russia-well being Russia. And of course here in America, we’ve had our own dramatic problems exploding so much over the top this year that it feels like we can barely stand each other anymore!

And nothing is safe to have an opinion on anymore or a civil disagreement because someone will no doubt, be offended beyond the point of reconciliation(on either side).

I know that things could not have gotten much worse and I checked out mentally early on this year. 

I hate to sound so jaded or like a careless, typical millenial but I’ve just gotten tired of alllll of the BULL SH*T. And in the midst of all of the political, global BS I actually had my own personal tsunami wave of crashing BS to deal with. “Wave after wave”, as it felt this entire year.

Here’s a link to remind yourself of all of the world’s problems too:

2016 year recap in photos from USA Today

There has been more complacency, lack of regard for human life, lack of genuine kindness toward others, killing, racism, sexism, selfishness, and overall corrupt human behavior from across the globe shoved into one year..More than I think we could handle.

Now I’m not saying we all need to have a pity party or cry or freak out and keep spreading negativity and hate. NO.

Let’s Be Better. Let’s do something. Do something where you’re at NOW with what you have and your heart. Kindness, empathy, compassion, selflessness, love?? Those things are all free and guess what?

YOU ALREADY HAVE THEM. You choose to use those tools everyday. Don’t wait to start waking up on the right side of the bed on January 1st in a week. Start NOW!

Set up positive habits and a loving mindset wherever you are now!

Even if 2016 is almost done going down in flames for you; it is for most of us and that’s okay. Don’t burn with it. Watch your problems fade and move on, focus on the good you’ve been blessed with and carry it into 2017.

I don’t know about y’all but 2016 has been the most “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” kind of year in my young-adulting/millenial life so far:

  • I left my “safe” 8-5PM fulltime/salaried but underpaid job- huge risk. Uncertainty for income going foreward, what would I do now? More time to train and RUN? Yay!! What will society/my family/friends think or say about me?! *gasp* doesn’t fit the mold.
  • I got sponsored by Skechers Performance & started training more and truly devoting myself to my Running..then I got INJURED for the first time ever(like seriously take time off injured.) Depressed, out for over 6 weeks, scratched races, setback in spring/summer training.
  • Finally accepted being single and not needing/wanting to talk to my ex who I was hung up on for the longest time. It hurt to accept that sometimes people won’t respond the way you do or love you or treat you the same just because you do. And it’s not right to respond with negativity or hate, that’s immaturity. Move on & be happy(is it better to settle and have anyone at all just to be..? Not for me sorry.) 
  • I started to change careers and really believe all of the encouragement I got to become a personal trainer to help others believe in themselves too and to help them train their bodies and reach their goals!(so incredibly excited and it took me almost a whole year to get certified and pass my exam between running 50-65miles a week, being a poor adult, and working my butt OFF but I did it and landed my new job I start in January at the YMCA! Praise God)
  • I moved into a new, nice apartment with my best friend Kyle!(easiest decision of the year, hardest financially on me working the majority of the year part time!! While I invested my time into my training and prepping myself for my personal trainer career)
  • I fell and hit my head, passed out, got a concussion and lost my memory on my first long run the day after moving into my new apartment in the summer. Welcome home bitch!
  • Oh and this waste of time guy I was “talking to” for like 2 weeks in the summer-lied to me and said we never dated after I lost my memory and was concussed. Real f*ck boy. 2016 was full of those and fake friends too. 
  • I became the poorest I’ve ever been.literally paycheck to paycheck, struggling the most and having anxiety not because I’m bad with my money but I just don’t have a lot right now but I know with my new career I’ll be fine. This year was really hard on me financially learned a lot and grew up and faced new responsibilities. Sink or swim!
  • Ive had more car trouble in the span of 2 weeks thank anyone I know. I’ve had to buy a new tire. Bought a new battery after being stranded at work. Not one human offered to help me at the summit as they went about shopping. Cheers mankind thanks. Then a week later, discovered a tiny nail in my left rear tire. Had to buy new breaks and get all of this fixed Christmas week before coming home to see my family in Georgia. 
  • Regretfully lost touch with some close friends and found out the hard way who is actually there for me. Really hurt by some friends who totally dropped the ball on me but I grew up from that real quick this year.

I know I just highlighted a lot of what may seem like negative experiences from my 2016 and I’m not saying that the whole year was bad and I didn’t have any blessings. Of course I did and I’m even more thankful and hopeful going into 2017 for that. 

Because of the immense amount of stress, uncertainty, fear, physical pain, relationship turmoil, emotional struggle and change I went through this year; I’m more confident and assured of what I’m doing now and ready to go after 2017 with everything I got!

God has a great way of showing us that we are capable of much more than we feel. Just when I felt like I couldn’t take much more this year, something would happen that would challenge me, frighten me, piss me off or just flat out depress me.

I often just sat there not knowing what to pray or even feel like talking to God. But I know He knows my heart.

Then, I would remember every time before when I thought it was too much. God always made a way for me and strengthened me.

I was tested in so many ways this year and made the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been. But that’s how God grows us and we’re almost there. We have a few more days left in 2016. Let’s turn it around and make them count.


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