Fitness Friday week#4- Why comparing yourself to others is a weakness, not a strength.

 Why you should never compare where you’re at in training to someone else & how to stay focused on your own goals! 

I learned a long time ago in my athletic journey what a losing battle it is to compare your talents to others.
It’s normal to feel eager to beat your competitors and WIN!! 
Competition is healthy and makes you a stronger athlete. It proves you care, but what do you care more about..? 

Being a better athlete at whatever you do should be a goal for sure..
but the only person you need to be concerned about being “better” than is the person you were yesterday, not the athlete you’re Instagram stalking now. 
I know that’s the most cliche phrase, but it’s true isn’t it?? 

A lot of my friends always say,”oh I could never do what you do. I worked out but it’s nothing compared to what you do!” STOP. You are not me and I am not you. We are at various training levels with completely different goals! It’s okay to be where you’re at.

Here’s why comparing yourself to another person is stupid:

1. They are human too, not God. Don’t put anyone on a “pedastool ” (If they can accomplish their goals, so can you)

2. Your goals are not the same

3.They are not YOU

I can’t count the number of time I’ve personally watched other runners who were faster than me and wondered why I wasn’t that “good”. I train the same as them, I eat healthy, I care about my running so much and keep improving too!

But what really set me free to become a truly “better” and less stressed athlete is understanding this-

  • everyone you meet is on their own fitness journey

Not everyone has the same goals as you, so they may be doing specific training or at a certain plateau in their fitness.  Different does not mean BETTER. 

Go ahead and toss that thought in the trash please.

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day..

One of my favorite pro distance runners, an Oiselle athlete- Steph Rothstein said it best here:  

She’s right! Hard work and results take time. Looking around at what someone else is doing won’t help you get there any faster. It’s a distraction from how awesome you can be!

Romans 8:37 tells us that “we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” 

 I think Jesus had it right. We weren’t created to be the same, do the same, or improve at the same time. 

Focus on what you’re given to do now, where you’re at. 

 One of my friends texted me this today when we were chatting and catching up. 

    It made my day. It reminded me that I have a plan too; that what I’m doing is just as important as anyone I thought was “better” than me just because I’m not where they’re at or don’t have the same results as someone else.

Every day we have countless choices to make. This is one you should easily be able to decide now.

 Uplift yourself instead of criticizing or comparing yourself to others. 

You’ll reach your goals faster and you’ll be more focused instead of drowning in an endless comparison trap!

You need to have tunnel vision when you feel tempted to compare. Only see your progress and work.

Ever notice that I never  post the exact workouts I do or splits from track workouts? It’s none of anyone’s business what I’m doing frankly. 

And it eliminates some comparison temptation. I do post to motivate and encourage but not out of a selfish boastful platform. My glory goes to the one that gave me my abilities and passion.

The more you focus inward instead of around you, you’ll have the same peace and seeing someone else’s success won’t cripple you or detail you mentally.

Be so good at doing you that what someone else says or does doesn’t even make a sound in your ears. 

Being supportive or proud of someone is great. But don’t idolize them or count yourself out from reaching what you want too. You’re a lot more capable than you think!


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