Naked mind 

Naked minds are what I seek to uncover,bogged beneath flesh and bone we wear.
A rare person, one who knows no care.

Our skin is born free, thrusted into the world naked and bare.
That scandalous freedom, nothing but a touch, a tingle when we take everything off. 
Why do we hide now..what we didn’t know we were til death, it’s gaping snare.
Physical chains, such a shame to ware.

Bored of this routine, a predictable charade submerging the real.
Something of sheer beauty, a raw touch I have yet to see. 

Naked and pure, a souls burning fire lays there.
Drenched in intoxication,

upon sight of the truth we long for more to share.

Can’t look away, from your naked soul oh so fair..





December 10th, 2016.

It’s finally cold outside, appropriate for the beginning of winter this time of year here in Birmingham.

I got home after an early, cold, morning easy run and then work all day.

Saturday- the end of one of those weeks where it feels like everything that could have gone wrong…did. You kind of feel aloof to anything else that could possibly pop up. Not surprised by much now anyways.

I stopped by Trader Joes before heading home. I grabbed a cheap california roll, a two dollar bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, and a fresh loaf of an olive-demi baguette for dinner.

I had a lot on my mind after such an emotionally, spiritually and physically draining week. And let’s face bank account was getting really life alert, tragically depressing scary.

I had come to the end of the 2016 year at a pivitol, transforming time for my life(which I will in detail, talk about in my next “end of 2016 on to 2017 hoorah!! post”) and really seemed to be feeling the weight of everything in the past year hit me at once.

At least that’s basically how I felt after this week..that I had been climbing the highest, cruelest, most relentless mountain and I’m almost to the top but I’m standing on a ledge right before I get to the top and I am just fatigued and ready to be there already!!!

Anyways, I know your all so curious about my 2016. Just be patient and read my next post. I’m saving all the juicy tidbits for that!

As for this last week- I have felt super tired from training(as most of you know, I’m a post collegiate/somewhat elite distance runner currently for Skechers Performance seeking to improve my times!!) and increasing mileage. All of that is going great but this week I’ve felt extremely tired while training, in part from the emotional stress lately..and so I’ve decided to cut any/all December races to focus on getting my life together and plans set for 2017 and just train through this month.

The “root” if you will, of my distress stems from this career change that I’ve decided on and honestly feel 100% supported by the Holy Spirit in this one! A week ago, I passed my AFAA certification to become a personal trainer(I am also preparing a whole blog to tacle that story too, be patient people I’ve had an avalanche of a year! lol seriously.)

This could not have come at a better, more needing of hope time in my young adult life. For the past few months I’ve been living pretty scarce..paycheck to paycheck. And I know, it’s my choice to live the way I do and not work full time and devote my ass to a desk for 40 hours a week and try to cram 60-70 miles a week and train like an elite athlete too, I get it.

I have been working part time, trying to survive and have more time to train for my own benefit(which it has, I’ve PR’d in my road 5K and 10K this season under my new coach-Brock) and also I needed more time mentally to study and prepare for my AFAA Exam to become a personal Trainer(finally..I’ve been praying for this dream and making small changes for this for the past year).

So, as you can gather it’s not been easy spreading myself into a financial pretzel and barely skating by if you will for the last months in order to “have time” to plant these seeds for the dreams that I want. BUT-like anything worth it..cliche I know, stay with me. it’s not easy.

I passed my exam, I’m about to start work at an actual gym in addition to my part time job which I adore-at Lilly Pulitzer. And my training is in a great spot going toward the spring season as long as I stay smart and listen to my body.

This past week was exceptionally stressful just because of mainly the financial strain I’m in(which I know I put myself in, not by carelessness or spending frivolously but in my mind-sacrificing more time to do what I want to create room for what I’m going to do soon). 

Last night, I argued with the one human I respect and value the opinion of most on this Earth- my father. My dad, like any dad wants what’s best for their kid. So when my parents visited last weekend and I confided in them my current situation and my fears- they of course worried and wanted to help.

My dad and I got into a “serious adult conversation” about life(we’ve had many of these this past year..) and my dad told me, “adults don’t do what they want, adults do what they have to do”. He’s right. But I told him to trust me, that of course I don’t want to live like this forever and I know God is using this and has a plan for me.

I fully believe, even after the stressful, reflective and fearful week I’ve had where I’ve been worried, tempted to give up on my dreams, misunderstood and tempted to fall back into old habits and unhealthy relationships that have conveniently appeared just as I’ve felt weakened; that my faith that God is with me and God is for me has not once been shaken.

You may feel the weight of every single thing “crashing” around you but you can be strengthened and feel true Joy from the Holy Spirit within you.

A reoccurring whisper I’ve felt throughout this week, even during uncertain thoughts is- “Wait, not yet”.

I’ve felt God’s presence with me the whole time, reminding me of his timing and to fully trust Him, that He will provide for me and show me when something is right.

In my career, in relationships and when I feel impatient or discouraged for being alone or feeling alone at times I’m reminded to wait, and it’s always worth the wait for what’s good..

So when I got home tonight, feeling tired, emotionless at this point, and freezing; I shed my clothes, took a hot shower as a swirl of jumbled thoughts and questions flooded my mind..

I sat down, lit a favorite candle  and knelt by my bed just asking for God’s presence. I grabbed my bible and read from Mark 14. The last Supper-

22 While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take it; this is my body.”

And so, I took the Olive loaf I had gotten at Trader’s. I broke it and prayed over it for God’s blessing and that everything that I did with my body would reflect His and would serve Him this year, not turning back to anything.

23 Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, and they all drank from it.

So I took the red wine I had bought and prayed that Jesus’s sacrifice for me would remind me that nothing I’m going through is more than that and that nothing can separate me from that. His grace is new every day, and that I should feel Joy in that.

24 “This is my blood of the[a] covenant, which is poured out for many,” he said to them. 25 “Truly I tell you, I will not drink again from the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God.”

26 When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.

I smiled as I eat the olive bread after reading “they went to the Mount of Olives”..

I looked up and saw Joy, literally. There’s this wooden piece on my vanity mirror that was attached to it, hanging loosely when I bought it back in July. It reads, “Joy”.

I’ve almost made it out of 2016, not unscathed, not perfectly, but not completely broken. I’m faithful and excited going forward. Even with feelings of loneliness,tiredness, worry, and frustration exploding from the whole year onto the last week, I can’t wait for what’s to come, even if I don’t feel like I have much to offer with myself right now.


First Quarter✨🍂10.7👑👀🌓

First Quarter (Poem relating to my 25th birthday October 7th & coinciding w/ tonight’s moon phase the first quarter🌓✨🍂)


New light shown above, tilted.

A call to act. No more waiting, done waning.

Half asleep, half awake, a plunge to take.
Reborne to new light, fleeting memories leave only callous bruises now.

days lingered after new moon, I’m not the same at all.
Hard to recall what’s behind, 

memory wiped clean, force myself to breathe.

Once i’de rather feel dead than trusting any last thread..
Rising now, healed and transformed.

Not afraid for what’s ahead, curious.

Beckoning..not dreading this transfiguration. 

Once stuck between what’s real and what’s wanted.
Longing for nothing more, 

split between dark holes hidden in my soul and any light left to control.
First quarter birth revived me whole,

Onward, a new path to fold.
Feelings to dissipate, once tangled and left to fate.

The chilled air grasps me inside, glaring up I wait.

Dawn awaits..



Two days ago I set out for my longest run in a few months since coming back from my injury. The last few months have been filled with many life changes and adjustments. I started back training and planning upcoming late summer-fall races; which has motivated me even more than ever to get 100% healthy to reach my goals in running in the near future.

With that, I also left my full-time broadcast affiliated job to work at a golf course and do personal training in order to have more flexibility in my post-collegiate training. Some see that as a huge risk, for my finances and future broadcasting career. I see it as an investment. I love running more than a lot of things in my life right now and if you know me, you know I’m willing to give up almost anything to achieve the goals in my running career. Why not go after it now while I’m young, healthy and not married or have kids?

Exactly. So that’s what I am doing. I’m currently working my butt off, training and trying to get back to normal with  my running so I can compete at the level in which I KNOW I am capable of, and trying trust God completely with this journey who has blessed me with all of this.

I moved to my beautiful new apartment this past Friday with my best friend Kyle. That was quite an adjustment as well for me!  Another new start for me if you will.

So Sunday morning as I was saying earlier, I set out for a new park to do my long run at. I was excited to explore the new area and run further finally! I was feeling a little tired from moving the two days before and a little hot.

I had drank a glass of wine with my bubble bath the night before but I wasn’t too dehydrated or I would have waited to run in the afternoon.

I was only running 8 miles(for me that’s not a real long run!) Just coming back slowly with mileage build. And I had some almond butter and gatorade on the way to the trail.

I remember starting my run that morning, there was a soccer game or practice going on in one of the fields inside the park I was running at. The sun was beating down as I noticed a few walkers and people sitting on benches talking.

Somewhere along the way before mile 4, I lost consciousness. My memory of that morning right before the incident and the rest of the day following this are a bit fuzzy.

I now remember holes of memory about that morning and what I was told and what I remember now coming back:

I remember being in shock at my car shaking and numb. My head hurt and I was bleeding. My body hurt and I was confused and I didn’t know where I was.

I remember the face of a hispanic woman and a few others, I now believe they were attending the soccer game. I think they were asking if I was alright. I can’t remember that conversation.
I remember being at my car, Kyle texted me about cable getting set up. I immediately called him and asked where I was, I was scared, and hurt and I had no idea where I was.

The next thing I remember was paramedics and I can’t remember what they did or what they said to me. I can only make out a blurr of that. Then I think I remember Kyle’s brother standing by the ambulance door, his shirt was red I think.

I think Kyle, Candice-his gf and his brother took me to the ER in his truck.

They must have sped from the lake 45 minutes away to come find me. They said they made me describe what I was near and that helped them locate me.

I remember being at the ER and not wanting to get into the wheel chair and telling the nurse- “I am an elite runner, I can Walk!” lol…shame on me.

I can’t remember a lot from that either, but they did concussion testing and all and I was okay to leave with Kyle and his family but I needed to see a primary care to make sure I was okay in the days after.

The ride to the lake house was aweful, I was still confused and I didn’t remember I had moved the previous Friday and I kept asking the same questions to them apparently.

My head and body hurt so much coming off of shock finally. I got an appointment the next day at an american family care-one of the only open PCP’s on July 4th

I showered and crawled into the guest bed and slept for a few hours. When I woke, I was still in pain but hungry as ever. I ate two bowls of spaghetti then went back to sleep, still confused on a lot of things..

I spoke to my parents who were worried sick. Thanks to Kyle and his family, I was in the best hands.

I talked to my coach who was glad I was okay, not too much harm and my legs were fine. I talked to my boss who was the sweetest person ever to me(I was so paranoid I would get fired!!)

And I talked to the person who I thought I was “dating” unofficially. I remember having a feeling in my gut we had faught but I couldn’t remember a lot or details. So I asked because Kyle had my phone for me all day communicating to everyone on my behalf.

When I was in the hospital, I asked them what happened and if I was dating this person. My best friend and Candice told me, no. that we had ended things that thursday and we didn’t agree on something crucial, which I won’t get into here..

But I was confused and I didn’t remember, so I texted and asked. He told me that we were never dating and are not now.

I was still puzzled and foggy. So I went with it and passed out again.

The next morning I woke up and Kyle and Candice took me straight to the PCP. I got cleared after we retraced my steps as best I could. We came to the conclusion that-

I went for my run, somewhere at the end of mile 3-4 I slipped and fell on some concrete slabs that had a light stream trickling over with some mud making it slick. I remembered the snap shot when I woke from sleeping the night before.

I think I fell on my back, hit my head and neck and blacked out for several minutes as the time table of when I started my run, the duration of the run, and the time I called Kyle left about a 25-30 min gap.

I think when I was in shock, I made it to my car and got into my car and held my phone and contacted Kyle then. I can’t remember all the details today, but hopefully I can soon.

I’ve never been so scared or appreciative of life, reliable friends and God’s grace.

I know this is a small accident compared to many others have faced and I am alive and well. Just a little banged up and shaken.

But, that doesn’t stop me from taking a moment to process what happened and verbalize how much life really means!

Most of my memories are back, only a few before the accident and at the hospital are fuzzy and even a few days before. But, all of the “important” stuff has come flooding back within the last 48 hours..even the things I would have loved to have lost memory of.

The day after the accident, I woke up and the first thing I love to do is to read the Word of the Day in my bible app.

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline”- 2 Timothy 1:7

I remember all of the dreams and prayers I had asked God for and prayed strength for the previous week. Reading this when I awoke the day after the accident gave me strength to get up, not feel weak, not feel sorry for myself for getting hurt, not feel betrayed or upset by being taken advantage of or lied to when my memory was gone.

But, NO, to get up and live the way the Holy Spirit made me to live. To be strong, to have power He gives us, to persevere in my Running from now on, being self-disciplined and joyful in my relationships, and to not be timid or afraid of anything.

I know this seems dramatic to some of you, but before my fall I was wrestling with some things with God I didn’t want to give up. I wanted to do things on my own time and ability. I’m not saying God makes bad things happen to you, but sometimes he lets certain circumstances occur in order to get your attention.

You may not agree with that at all, that’s fine. It won’t change what I think.

I may have fallen asleep and lost some things after my fall, but I’m absolutely awake and focused on my future at the moment. I know I’ve been blessed with the gift of running, life, health and an amazing group of friends and family that I need to be more of a joyful, positive influence on. I am so much more than a runner too, I can’t wait to live that.

It’s funny how even the smallest most instantaneous occurrence can totally revive your focus on your goals and where you’re at spiritually, emotionally, physically.

Not saying that this was a total “wake up” moment for me, I had my act together and all and do now. But I think it was a reminder for me to totally trust God that he’s got my back. That I may fall, but I’ll always get back up and I am stronger than my circumstance.

And if you do fall, it’s never too late to get back up and chase what you want and it’s never too late to trust God, he cares about your dreams too.

Sometimes we let irrational emotions, people or even in the moment circumstances dictate where we are headed and knock us off our real  focus.

Today, I’m still a little foggy and sore but I feel strong and motivated on what I want now. As far as I’m concerned, any negative thing echoing in my memory is forgotten.

Wherever you are in reaching your goals, you may experience doubt, something that totally shakes you, or people that fail you.

But that should never stop you from going after whatever you are seeking. If anything, it should drive you even further to do it. Do it for yourself. If you fall like I did, get back up, unshaken and don’t look back.

The finish line is always ahead 😉

Here’s a quote apparently I made my phone background sometime before the accident(I can’t remember when I put it)

Discipline is choosing between what you want now

and what you want most.




It’s 2016, now what?


Now that the glitter and excitement entering the new year have settled, what’s next?

I want to talk a little about the first week of 2016 and what I’ve learned and been really digesting this week.

First, I want to admit that I have had to have a little attitude adjustment with myself.

I confess that I’ve let my emotions get the best of me this week at times and I’ve focused on how frustrated I have been instead of the positive blessings I have this year.

I’m not normally a negative person unless something is really bothering me.

I’m just as passionate about expressing something bothering me as I am about going after what I want. That can be a bad thing for me though because I tend to internalize my stress and don’t like to talk about it.

BUT if I’m overwhelmed within my own thoughts, that can come out in my attitude at times of high stress, which I hate!!

I only want to spread love and light and this week I’ve really been struggling with that because I’ve lost focus on it.

I haven’t lost focus on what I want or forgotten the goals I’ve set for myself.

I have just been more consumed with the frustrating emotions when things haven’t gone exactly my way this week and on where I’m at now; forgetting that every day is a step to where I will be.

Ah, just saying that feels a lot better! 

Taking a step back from the week, the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far in 2016 is this:

You have to actually ACT and do it yourself. Nothing is just going to happen and no one is going to do it for you.

If you want to change what you’re doing or where you are or whatever you want to be doing different in your life, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Just go do it!

That you have to act and make plans for the goals you’ve set out and then…DO IT!


It’s scary to make the first step into something new(I know, I’m with you!) But there’s no point in not doing anything and being unsettled about something.

Now that’s a hard pill to swallow if your used to things going your way and getting what you want. 


I knew that “adulting” wouldn’t be a cake walk by any means but so far 2016 has been a blunt reality check for me.

Not that things just fall into my lap all of the time, but I’ve never felt so tested and challenged in many areas of my life as I do now.

I work extremely hard in all that I do and I guess this week I sort of felt down because I was waiting for the pressure to ease up a bit after working relentlessly the past few months.

But I know that God is just getting started and building me.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

(‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29‬:‭11‬ NIV)

And I totally trust him in that, but I’m human too and I get frustrated because I’m so impatient!! 
That’s okay to feel that way, but don’t let that own you and distract you from carrying on and being a champ every day.


Look, I’m not so arrogant to say that I don’t believe in prayer or that Gods plan isn’t the ultimate plan and that I don’t trust him, but I’m saying this in full agreement with that.


There have been a few times this week where I’ve gotten so frustrated with my current circumstance in a few areas of my life that I just didn’t know what I wanted to do.

So I sat and cried and then I prayed about it. I’ve been reflecting all week about my goals for 2016 and this incredible passion flooded my mind and my heart.

I realized that I needed to use that passion not to create rage of where I’m at now or negative emotions to just spread around, but that I need to use this passion to propel me into action each day to reach my goals.
I know that nothing I really want to achieve will happen overnight and that greatness in any endeavor won’t be easy at all.
But I’m telling you like I told myself this week, trust the process of where you’re at now while knowing that you WILL get there.
You need to keep focus and maybe even re-focus (like I did this week) on your ultimate goals.
Make sure that each day counts to its fullest and as long as you’re doing something positive to take a step forward each day, you’re doing everything you can do right now.
Be content with that and don’t feel overwhelmed.
I’m going to take some time this weekend to actually sit myself down, and write down my goals(the old fashioned way) and post them places where I know I’ll see them every day.

Then, I’m going to make a list of some steps I need to be taking to achieve them, and omg…I’m going to start acting on those steps!!!

I’m ashamed of the way I let myself focus on the negative emotions this week. It hasn’t stopped me from doing what I need to in order to go after what I want but it has definitely distracted my spirit.

If you’ve felt like I have this week, to take a moment for yourself to sit and be still and write it down and breathe! 

I hope all of your goals are achieved in 2016 too but it starts with your attitude!! That can be the biggest hinderance or the biggest blessing to what you want to accomplish!

So don’t give up if you’re feeling discouraged or bogged down.

Get back up, keep moving and focus on what you need to do.


One of my college track coaches always told us this on really tough workout days or races when the pain started to set in and panic would soon come-

Don’t let how you feel determine what you’re capable of.”

He would tell us to focus on the splits we were to hit and to only try to run the times for each lap, not focusing on the pain.

That wouldn’t just make the pain go away or make us forget how uncomfortable we were, but it made it manageable.

It taught us that the goal was more important than the distraction of how we were feeling.

Our journey in life is a lot like that too.

If we can just focus on what we’re going after with each step to get there instead of the distractions, we can reach so much more.

I encourage you all to take a moment and reflect on your first week of 2016 now that the after glow of the party has settled and reality is here.

Are you happy where you are? What are your goals? What are you doing to get there?

Re-focus and go get it!

2016- Becoming the Wolf, the year for me.


Before I get a little too far ahead of myself, I want to take a moment to recall some highlights of my 2015- the achievements and the lessons I’ve learned.

What I accomplished in 2015: 

I graduated college and got my degree!!! I graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham in April with a broadcast communications degree and sports marketing minor in four years.
I completed 4 full years of being a cross country and track student athlete at Division one schools(transferred to UAB in middle of sophomore year)
I made the deans list with one high B 
at the end of my last semester
I had two very successful internships- one with WBRC Fox 6 News where I learned more about sports broadcasting than ever and had many amazing opportunities to learn & make connections, and one at WJOX 94.5FM to finish out the semester as “skittles  tafoya” a personality given to me as my own.
I got my first “big girl job”- landed my first full time job here in Birmingham shortly after graduation and track ended in the spring.
I somehow managed to start “adulting” by myself- paying bills, buying my own gas and providing for myself for the first time and staying afloat for the last six and a half months!
I began the dream of continuing my passion to improve in my running and found a new post collegiate coach. I’ve been working with resolute running since August after my first post collegiate 5k and have been steadily improving in races.
I became an ambassador for Skechers performance and get to race in their gear and awesome shoes!(check out my Instagram for all of their latest distance shoes)
Things I learned-
I learned to rely on myself and God when things get tough, and in every thing I do.
I learned the importance of never sacrificing my own happiness,wellness, spirit for another person
I learned to let go of toxic people and accept that anything negative in my life won’t allow me to follow the plans God has for me.
I learned that I can forgive but I can’t dumb down my spirit for someone who sucks the life and light out of it.
I learned that being by myself sometimes isn’t all that bad. That it’s actually needed.
I learned that God really really loves me. Even when I make the same irresponsible mistake or decision again and again.
I learned that choosing kindness and love isn’t always the easiest choice, but it’s the most important choice(not just for you).
I learned that in order to be fully awakened in myself and to know myself, that I needed this time alone with just God. Listening to him and being patient while he builds me.
I learned that no matter how many times I fall down and mess up, at least I’m trying. And I get back up and keep trying my best because I know God is always on my side and he’s proud of me even when no one else is.
I learned that when I mess up or let people or things or emotions distract me, I feel upset not only for my heart but because I love Jesus and I know that it upsets him for me.
That hurts me to know I’ve hurt someone who loves me more than I can fathom.
With all of the high points, incredible blessings, horrible heart aches, and constant struggles of 2015 I move on toward a new era-2016.
Not just because it’s a “New Year” and all but I am actually in a pretty BIG transition going into 2016.

This is the first year I’m by myself as an adult, working, paying my own bills for the first time, training my butt off every day, fully “adulting”, not a student anymore, in a different state than my home, with hopes and dreams, and a lot of uncertainty in the future.
I’m transitioning into a “wolf” if you will. A fearless, bold, primal beast in the spirit! 2016 is the year of Me.
2016 brings a new year for me to do anything I want to do and go anywhere I want to go.
 To fearlessly chase down my dreams for my running career and fitness without limits. 
To follow Christ wholeheartedly and to surrender wherever he leads me.
And I don’t mean this in a selfish way at all. I’m talking about being fully alive and awakened in my spirit and aligned that nothing could possibly distract me from the greatness that’s ahead.
 That’s not selfish to chase that and to want it and to get it. That’s what we are supposed to do!!

Let me just share a few of my goals for 2016(no I don’t call them “resolutions” because to me these are all realistic, attainable goals in which I will accomplish):

Financial stability
I’m pretty good with my money and don’t spend outside of my means at all but there are always improvements to be made.
I will save more money for my future in my savings account and cut down on my coffee spending!!(this will be a challenge for real)
I need to establish my credit(so far I have virtually none coming off of college where I was a student athlete and didn’t need a credit card, at least I’m not in debt!!)
I want to move into a new apartment!!(I hate mine now and I want a nicer, quieter place for myself
I will establish my home in AL for good(for now)
Tithing- I’ve been taught to give 10% of my earnings to Christ, I firmly believe that but I haven’t been living that. And faith without action is dead so I will start living by faith in my finances too.
I will never let anyone distract me to the point of sacrificing who I am and the light that I am.
And please excuse the language here but for lack of a better term- I will no longer associate/date/ or aquire a relationship with any Fuckboys ever again.
There is no point to those relationships and it leads to unfulfilled sorrow. 
You’re better than that too, I encourage you to better yourself and leave those in the past.
I will think about what I am doing before I chose to hurt or accept hurt and negativity
I will intentionally be more thoughtful and kind to everyone I encounter(One Matters)
I will be better at reaching out and keeping communication between friends and family open!!(I’m a horrible texter and often forget to communicate during the business of life) but that’s no excuse and you all matter so much to me.
I will talk to God and listen to him more, and actually act when called to.(when he tests me or blesses me) I will trust him.
I will be better at my quiet time and prayer consistency
I won’t treat relationships as “what can I get out of this” but only in a giving and loving way.
With that said, I’m not going to continue any relationship if it distracts me in a negative way or brings my spirit down.
You can still show light and love without sacrificing your light.
Running and Fitness
I want to keep building a solid foundation
and be able to run comfortably 60-70 mile weeks
I want to break 17 minutes in the 5K finally!
I want to
I want to PR in my 10K- 35 minutes??
I want to start racing more competitive races to win $$?
I want to start flirting with the idea of getting an actual real contracted sponsorship at the end of the year.
I want to focus on mainly the 5k and 10k for now! 😉
For other fitness endeavors..some of you close to me know what I’ve been up to lately but something big is coming in 2016 that I can’t wait to announce when I start but being patient for now and I can’t wait to share with you in that!
Nutrition and Hydration
Let’s face it- I eat pretty freaking healthy already and I don’t drink “soda” or pop or coke what have you. BUT I have been so bad at keeping myself hydrated in the winter lately.
So I want to be better at staying hydrated with water and juices through the day
I want to start drinking more chia juice!
I want to get juicer too, and be better about my smoothies meal prep for breakfast(been slacking)
I need to increase my protein intake, especially on workout days & stay with one protein powder regularly
Stay consistent in vitamins and supplements I take

Overall, 2016 is going to be a very exciting, challenging, blessed, and an uncertain year for me.


As I stated, I’m in a critical transition as a young woman growing and adjusting to figuring out my life. I have a lot of goals and a lot I’ve learned in the last year. I’ve grown up a lot but still have a lot to grow into.
But I have the biggest and best companion anyone could ask for, even when I feel alone and overwhelmed-Jesus.
Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you’re dreaming of being or chasing, know that God loves you.
Now go, be a Wolf with me 😉
Wolves are pack animals, they hunt together and travel together.
Like them, surround yourself with the wolves this year, not sheep.
You’re too talented, too loved, and have too much to do in this life than to waste your energy and light surrounded by negativity and people who are not going to build you up and move forward with you.

Make 2016 a year for you to be great in all you do!!

When Joy Came Down

Luke 2:11-14

11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. 12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

14 “Glory to God in the highest heaven,
    and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

 When I was on my Christmas Eve run between storms last night, I started reflecting on the word-Joy. I’ve heard the word before but most of the time I find it being pretty misused. Joy to most people means happiness, which is a good way to put it. But what if Joy was a person?

Before anything else, what if Joy came down to us in a form so humbly as a baby being offered to us as love. That’s what I believe.

As I kept running, I started thinking about the Christmas Eve service I attended earlier in the day, and Joy of course was the topic heavily centered around. PK at 12 Stone(Pastor Kevin from my home church in GA) said something that resonated deeply within me.

“Joy can’t be taken, it can only be given”. -Kevin Myers

I thought about all the times throughout 2015 that I felt like my Joy had been taken. I thought about times where I had let my “joy”dim down because of broken relationships, disagreements with people I cared about in my life, times when I did wrong or upset someone to the point of maybe taking their joy.

I felt annoyed that my thoughts had brought me there and didn’t want to admit to myself that maybe I wasn’t always operating out of love but rather selfishness at times. I also struggled to face that I had let negative people and situations that hurt me interfere with my joy.

Then I thought about Jesus. Joy in the flesh that came down for us. I realized that no matter what wrong I did or what wrong was done to me, that nothing could ever take my joy.

When I felt alone or without my Joy, it was only being hidden, or dimmed at times when I chose to forget it was right in front of me.

Humans are so imperfect and complicated but that doesn’t matter because we’re given such an incredible gift; so undeserving anyways.

As I finished my run, I felt comforted by the joy revived in my heart, even knowing that I am so imperfect and constantly messing up and trying again and again.

No matter what I did or didn’t do, my Joy is with me always and nothing can take it. No one can take yours either. It’s yours and it’s there to stay!

I literally just pumped myself up writing this. So thinking about 2016 coming up, I know we all have goals and a lot to work on, but how about we put this very important mindset at the top??

And it doesn’t matter what place your at right now, or even if you don’t believe everything I’m talking about that’s okay too.

It takes an intentional effort but placing joy at the center of everything you do will radically change everything in your life. What bad could come of trying..? Exactly. Spread joy even when it hurts to at times and even if you don’t feel like your gaining anything.

Love is at the root of Joy and it’s not a selfish thing. It’s a giving thing. This is a topic for another post, but they go hand in hand.

I’m challenging you to make Joy  a priority from now on. It’s not always easy to be a joy to someone, to show them joy, or to receive joy but let’s do the best we can and stop taking the easy rout of neglecting your spirit. Joy paid such a high sacrifice for us and thought we were worth it, just the way we are right now. It’s time to start reflecting that in our own lives and hearts.

Merry Christmas everyone<3